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"Go-To" Progressives for Your Dispensing Toolbox

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The Way I See It...

If you play golf like I do, which is not often, then you know the feeling of that one really great shot that makes you feel great and like playing again.

I've discovered the same feeling can happen with patient interactions. Occasionally, one touches your heart and makes you feel great about your job. Recently a patient came in for a check up and she is in that awkward stage where not a lot can be done to help her vision until her cataract is removed. She came out from her exam with a prescription in her hand and said the doctor said this might not help much. But, she was very certain she wanted to be able to see the best she could until her surgery. She was a high minus Rx and wore a FT lens (much to my chagrin). The frame she was wearing did not fit her bridge well and the Flat Top was way too low.


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