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The Way I See It...

A few weeks back a pleasant gentleman in his 60s was in our office and delivered to my dispensing table. We chatted about his prescription and when he wears his glasses most. He then pulled out his current glasses and they were a circa 1970 gold metal, modified aviator with a unifit bridge in a 59 eye size. As soon as his glasses were in my hand I realized—these lenses are glass, and very heavy indeed. Immediately I began thinking how happy he would be in his new polycarbonate lenses in a new smaller frame. Quickly I discovered my plan was not his plan. He explained he liked his frame and might even like a larger size. I decided to work on the frame first and then discuss the lenses. I showed him some metal frames in a 54 and 56 eye size as I explained patients often believe they have more viewing area when they have a large lens—but actually it was like walking up to a window or looking through a keyhole.


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